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Supporting Business Stream to achieve its circular office goals

Business Stream, part of the Scottish Water Group, have an ambitious group-wide target to become net zero by 2040. Supporting this commitment, they launched a pledge in April 2021 to reduce their carbon emissions by 20% within a twelve-month period and achieved a reduction of over 25%!

To support their vision to make a positive difference to the environment, Business Stream also committed to taking steps to create a circular office. To date this has included providing all colleagues with re-usable coffee cups and water bottles; enhancing their recycling facilities; and reducing their waste.

Donating Office Furniture

An opportunity recently presented itself when Business Stream sought an ethical solution for office furniture that was no longer required. Having rented a temporary additional space within their Head Office for training, the water retailer wanted to donate the furniture from the space, avoiding disposal to landfill. Desks, meeting tables, storage units, monitor arms and stools were amongst the good quality items available for re-use.

Black and white image of collaboration booth/space

“As a responsible business we’re passionate about doing everything we can to

reduce our impact on the environment. We’re delighted we were able to partner

with Bureau Move to donate our surplus furniture, helping to reduce waste

and directly benefit a local primary school”.

Jo Dow, Chief Executive, Business Stream

In addition to helping their aim of creating a circular office, Business Stream were delighted that their furniture would go to good use in their local community.

Carbon Report Tool

After completing the installation for Cramond Primary School, Bureau Move supplied Business Stream with a comprehensive carbon report. Providing full transparency, Bureau Move’s proprietary carbon report tool tracks carbon impact throughout the project and provides accurate data for scope 3 emissions. As a result of donating the furniture, Business Stream were able to save over 3 tonnes of carbon.

Statistic about the amount of tonnes of carbon sold/donated for reuse

Statistic about the about of carbon recycled

Bureau Moves’ sustainable clearance service was able to match Business Stream with Cramond Primary School in Edinburgh, which needed additional furniture for their classrooms delivered.

Statistic about the amount of carbon disposed of

Bureau Moves coordinated the exchange; ensuring the furniture was safely delivered.

A black and white image of donated furniture

"The furniture we received has quite literally transformed both the learning environment and learner engagement. Staff and pupils are reporting very favourably on the range and scope of items we received. Being an inclusive school who caters carefully for pupils with a wide range of physical, emotional and diverse needs this has truly ensured that we can be far more equitable within the classroom. This literally was like all our Christmases and birthdays at once! In these current times with budget and resourcing challenges, this is a great initiative with a true win-win outcome".

Mrs H Donaldson, Headteacher,

Cramond Primary

Image of donated furniture

Quote from Sales Director at Bureau MOVE

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