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A Circular Solution for Abrdn’s Office Relocation

Relocating to a new space, Bureau Group client abrdn required a sustainable and ethical solution for furniture and IT that were no longer needed.

Bureau Move proposed a circular solution to deliver exceptional environmental and financial cost savings.

Sustainable Office Move Strategy

Key to the success of the project was providing a strategic approach to combining new furniture procurement with re-use of existing.

Task chairs, desks and storage units were health check assessed by Bureau Move to enable the workspace team to identify items needing refurbishing for re-deployment. This involved in the region of 500 desks and operator chairs and a large volume of steel storage. Some additional key pieces of soft furnishings were reupholstered to align with the new interior palette.

Cost Saving with Re-Use

Re-use resulted in a significant saving that could then be invested in other areas of the workspace. Inspiring, collaborative spaces aimed at encouraging people back to work were prioritised.

Sustainable Office Clearance

In conjunction with the move to One George Street our team developed and executed a hugely successful circular clearance of abrdn’s Dundas House office.

For the furniture and IT that was no longer needed Bureau Move provided a sustainable and ethical solution. Youth Space, a charity in South London was one of the recipients of donated furniture in exceptionally good condition.

In addition, six thousand units of IT and 10 tonnes of cable were either donated or recycled. Overall, a climate positive project with a carbon saving in excess of 600 tonnes was achieved.

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