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Making it easier to access great quality refurbished furniture

Bringing remanufacturing in-house, Bureau Group acquired a Scottish-based, used furniture business in November 2022. This has propelled us forward in our mission to transform spaces with sustainable, circular solutions.

The remanufacture facility refurbishes used office furniture to ‘as good as new’ condition – for re-use or re-sale. Refurbished office and commercial furniture that is no longer required is redistributed to charities avoiding unwanted furniture going to landfill. Where assets are no longer fit for re-use, they’re disassembled and recycled.

Image of Bureau's CEO and COO

“This acquisition means we can create a genuine opportunity for firms to make a different decision on the way they buy furniture that is more cost effective and also helps to save the planet." Andy Russell Bureau Group Co-founder


Second Hand Office Furniture Second-hand furniture often comes with a preconception of lower quality. But our refurbished office furniture is customised and restored to ‘as new’ condition. Skilled craftsmen use high quality fabrics and finishes to give second hand office desks and chairs a second life. This provides a budget friendly alternative to brand new. Prestige and aspirational brands are available at a fraction of the original purchase price. Sought after brands include used Herman Miller chairs, Vitra, and Knoll. Refurbished Office Furniture Supplier For clients procuring refurbished, used office and commercial furniture, a wide range of stock is already available in our warehouse. From high quality, well-known brands to desks and chairs for home working, refurbished second-hand furniture is ready for dispatch within ten days. This is in marked contrast to new furniture which typically comes with lead times of eight to twelve weeks. Good quality used office furniture is available for quick delivery and is cost effective. It also helps businesses who are working hard to reduce carbon emissions make meaningful change. This is the most sustainable furniture option available.

Established Brands There is a reassurance that comes from purchasing familiar brands. In a workplace environment, some products may have already been tested and signed off by the health and safety team. That makes it a low-risk choice for anyone in the business tasked with procuring additional or replacement furniture. There may also be a preference for a particular manufacturer based on an individual’s experience in a previous workspace. Where the budget doesn’t cover new, second-hand solutions are a great option. We stock brands including Orangebox, Steelcase, Humanscale, William Hands, Brunner and more. Specialist Ergonomic Furniture Specialist, ergonomic task chairs that provide support for people experiencing discomfort can also be found at affordable prices. Typically, ergonomic chairs, which have more componentry than standard chairs, will have a high price tag. Used and refurbished ergonomic furniture provides an inexpensive option for businesses to equip workers with the support they need. A second-hand office chair is ideal if an additional workstation is required for time spent working from home. Refurbishment Service There’s value in unwanted office furniture and a huge amount of embodied carbon. Businesses can benefit from cost saving and impact their carbon reduction targets with our re-use and refurbishment service. Restoring tired office furniture to as good as new condition, extends the lifespan well beyond the normal range. Our eco-friendly, customised offer includes reupholstery, re-spray and remanufacturing. Clear storage space and reduce waste Many businesses are actively reducing waste and promoting environmentally friendly practices within their organisation. Commercial furniture generates a huge amount of waste with 1.2 million office desks and 1.8 million office chairs going to landfill every year. Sustainable clearance of office furniture can make a significant impact on carbon emissions. Furniture is kept in circulation, recyclable materials are recovered, and the use of virgin material is reduced. Unused assets take up a lot of space and storage space is expensive. Clearing these assets in a sustainable way is great for the environment and it’s a cost saving exercise. We carry out an audit of unwanted furniture and IT and advise businesses on any value that can be recouped. Contact us to find out how we can help your business.

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