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The Ultimate Office Move Checklist

Leaving nothing to chance, Bureau Move's Ultimate move management checklist keeps you on track for a smooth transition to your new space. It's ideal if you have never organised an office before but is also a great tool for experienced movers, to improve efficiency

Image of the Ultimate checklist brochures

Use our step by step guide with clickable links to access the support you need at the time you need it.

Starting one year in advance of your move, the checklist will ensure you are planning well ahead. From contacting professional services, to considering the budget and managing assets - you'll be reassured that you have the key information you need.

From six months before the move, the checklist will give you important points to address for each of the coming months. There are important reminders for the week before and then the steps to go through on the day of the move. Finally, you'll get post-move tips to make sure all the important jobs are covered off.

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Image of the ultimate checklist brochures

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