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Sustainable Business Moves

Helping you achieve your Net Zero target, Bureau Move’s experienced team offer a range of sustainable office move options. Services include refurbishing and re-using existing furniture and ensuring unwanted commercial furniture or IT equipment is resold, recycled or donated to charity.



Our fully trained installation teams will ensure your furniture is fully assembled and ready for use 





Working with your IT team, we’ll execute the safe decommission and recommission of personal IT equipment and servers

We can provide short or long-term storage of assets, managed by our internal asset management system

Churn Management

Effective churn management reduces the cost and downtime of making necessary changes to your place of business. Aligning with your business objectives and providing detailed communication, we’ll minimise interruption to your team’s working week. 


Overseeing all aspects of your office moves, our service covers furniture, storage equipment, IT, files, power, lighting, and personal items.

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